by Milkshakes

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released November 20, 2016

Instruments Engineered by Ryan Stack, December 27-30, 2015 at Format Audio in Amesbury, MA

Vocals Engineered by Ryan Pelegano & James Palko, February-April 2016 in Palkos Basement, Southington, CT

Mixed by Ryan Stack at Format Audio
Mastered by Tyler Bisson at Audio Geography Studios

All lyrics by Timothy Diltz
All music by Milkshakes

Milkshakes on this recording:
Tyler Armillei - Drums
Christian Benson - Bass
Timothy Diltz - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Moriarty - Guitar, Synth (on track 5)

Britta Rankl - Vocals (on tracks 4, and 8)

Album Art by Timothy Diltz



all rights reserved


Milkshakes Connecticut

we are milkshakes.

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Track Name: Never You
The things that you were saying, on the night we met
Got soaked up in my time hating you, I forgot I could learn to forget
Think of our unborn children, submit to their controls
Repeat faults of our parents, and the lies chaining me, I will learn to get to know

But you can't say, that you wouldn't change a thing
And I can't say

You stood outside while I, I tried to pack my life in fifteen minutes
I thought I'd never let you go

The dialogue I plan out, it never seems to flow
Verbatim to my own company, penning thoughts on the piles of your clothes
That you left on my bed, the strands of hair replaced
By a splotch, a stain, I'll admit I'm ashamed to the outline of your face

You stood outside while I, I tried to pack my life in fifteen minutes
I thought I'd never let you go
You couldn't hide behind, your common sense, the stacks of books you never read
I thought I'd never let you go

I'll let you go then (I loved you more then)
And I loved you more when
You came after me and
I know my life won't end with you

You stood outside while I, I tried to pack my life in fifteen minutes
I thought I'd never let you go
Track Name: Past Tragedies
Wait, for something to feel right again
And you wait, in my backseat still creeping in
And you said, "How could you be so insecure about the little things"?
The broken glass on the sidewalks' reflecting how things used to be

But you're gone
And how does it look when I'm still holding on?

So will you stay? Even when you're mad at me?
And will you wait? Even when you're drunk and want to leave?
And I know, I'm not as stable as you'd like for me to be
I know, I'm not as faithful as you'd like for me to be

Set in stone, took 95 the whole way home
You felt so cold, your coffee table filled with poems
And you said, "How could you spend so much time wrestling past tragedies"?
I've been through shit that no one knows, that you'd never get out of me

Don't say nothing, just say something
Track Name: Cave In
Draw the line, and think things through this time
After all these years, you're still underneath me
Moving in my skin, the only place you've ever been
Comfortable, or close to home, your fathers phone
Well it won't be ringing

Save your stories, leave them for me
In the basement, hope it caves in
'Cause the feelings stay the same
And the past wont ever change
At the least you could try
And cut the ties

Burn the exits through your house
So you can feel the pressure every time that you walk out
Out from where you used to live
Provokes the though you never give
You're all the same, you never say
Track Name: Late Summer Air
Last night, something switched degrees
I couldn't figure out your place with me
And it scares me more as every second ticks by
'Cause you were the one good thing since seventeen
From our parents rooms, to dorms and rings
now I'm weighing on reflexive change
I was trying, I was eighteen

I wanted to tell you, that I'm sorry
For the words that soon may exit me
And I watched you blow a million ways
I was trying, I was okay

Hey Edie, can you hear me?
Are my words transparent?
Are you even listening to me?
Yeah you make it so apparent when you just don't care
And it could break my heart, but you won't let it
I could break your heart, I won't feel better at all
'Cause you're the first one that I'd call
Not after all

You pull me through late summer air
And you grab my arm through Franklin Square
Now the bricks they shake, the stranger stale
fail to dig my heels, reflect, or scale
Our apartment, native winter
Every check that clears, every splinter
Every relapse night, every drunken flight
Every letter, every picture
Track Name: Jupiter Jazz
You said you're weirded out, awaiting disposition from here
From here on out, so I'll drive the fourteen minutes to your house
On your lips something green contorts and berates me
I could never fill my cup past meaningless decency

That was pushed so hard on me
It sliced me open ended
Bled it in a magazine
Degut my fractured personality

Breaking down the text
(Is this what you asked for, pushing through the last door?)
Pull it down 'till nothings left
Identity past wrecked
(Is this what you wanted? Just can't get what you wanted)
Can't bridge what's holding on, can't bridge what's

Told, of the past
Cant bridge what's sold, sold not to last

She wrung Blue Velvet around my neck
And I can't shake the feeling it left
You were cold calling teenage intent
That I hid 'till you left, "till you left, "till you left, "till you left

Don't you, think you, pulled through, I do, I do!
Track Name: Monday Morning
Monday morning, I pulled you into my arms
Walked on the ceiling all wrong
Now I'm just wishing you gone
Thursday morning, you know I said it all wrong
My urges pushing me on
Now you're just wishing me gone

This was not the best decision making process on my part
I should have known from the start, new friends were better off dead
Like the words in my head, new sheets on old beds, and the way that I can't pretend
Like I'm not wishing you gone, and on and on and on

But I guess thats fine, always so indifferent to my state of mind
Yeah those things that matter most
Sell your plastic pride, but I see it in your eyes
That you're not alright

Sit, and you wait, for these words to hit you the right way
But these words, complicate, decisions waiting to be made
(I'll pull your knife out, wishing you were right now, try and get your life out, of my troubled way)
Track Name: 8:15
I was stuck between the window and your face
Chasing echoes of the compliments I can’t seem to retrace
On new figures, faded figures, boarded up, nothing configures
As your weighted breath still lingers on and on and on and on

In the post cards, and the little things
The parties left in company

Stay, wait, I left your house around 8:15
It fell away, while I was grating on a window screen
And it felt like spring again
But now it’s freezing in my bed

Partied out of my pent energies this week
Your were sick but I still kissed you, the things I’d do to make you weak
But you got sicker, your lips stiffer, as we paced through our last picture
Now I’m 3 weeks past my teenage years, the sediment's still crystal clear

Stay, wait, I left your house around 8:15
It fell away, while I was grating on a window screen
And it felt like spring again
But now it’s freezing in my bed
You were perfect in my head
But now the summer ends again
Track Name: Naturally
You had a different kind of face, the kind I'd never seen
Back when everything still felt so fake
We swam until broken bottles cut your feet, and you said
"This is now a place I cannot stand"
"I've got to get out, I no longer feel free"
Free to be unstable like your family

All your exit points blocked in
Left the door unlocked and I watched you spin
Held your body to the wind
And I wanted you scream, and I watched you scream, and I watched you scream

This is not the place where I was born
This is not the place where I will die
This is just the place where I will learn to keep myself alive
And it's hard to watch you breathe (hard to watch you breathe)
Reoccurring in my dreams, I held you close to me
Constant & Naturally

I drank and drove a few times when I was a kid
I was younger, I was selfish, I did all the things you would have if
You'd lived past seventeen, you're a Malick frame on a mental screen
You're the side to which I lean
Constant & Naturally
But your body only caved

(I'll let you go then (I loved you more then), and I loved you more when
You came after me and, I know my life won't end with you)